Allergic Disorders

Diagnosis and Treatment

The Physicians of Main Line Allergy, LLP are expert in the evaluation, diagnosis, and medical treatment of allergies, asthma, immunologic, and related conditions. We employ a variety of specialized on-site diagnostic testing modalities including; lung function (breathing) testing and other specialized asthma tests; skin testing (needle-free for younger children) for environmental, food, stinging insect, medication, and vaccine allergies; oral ingestion testing for various food and medication allergies, and oral immunotherapy (OIT) to peanut.

Allergic Rhinitis and Allergic Conjunctivitis / Environmental Allergies

  • Diagnosis of seasonal and perennial allergic symptoms (hay fever) with skin testing (needle-free for younger children); medical management of symptoms with medications and allergy shots.

Non-Allergic Rhinitis / Chronic Sinusitis, Chronic Nasal Congestion

    • Vasomotor rhinitis evaluation and medical management with medications.
    • Chronic sinusitis evaluation and medical management with medications.
    • Adenoidal hypertrophy (enlarged adenoids) evaluation and medical management of symptoms with medications.

Recurrent Sinus Infections

  • Laboratory and radiologic evaluation and medical management of symptoms with medications.


  • Evaluation of viral-induced, exercise-induced, and other forms/triggers of asthma and its complications with pulmonary function testing, exhaled nitric oxide testing, and other specialized breathing tests, and long term medical management and care. 
  • Evaluation and treatment of acute asthma exacerbations.
  • Evaluation and medical management of Vocal Cord Dysfunction.
  • Evaluation and medical management of Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD) affecting asthma.

Food Allergy

  • Diagnostic skin testing, laboratory testing, and oral challenge to various foods;  oral immunotherapy (OIT) to peanut.

Medication and Vacinne Allergy

  • Diagnostic skin testing and oral challenge testing to antibiotics and other medications and vaccines.

Stinging Insect Allergy

  • Diagnostic laboratory evaluation and skin testing to various stinging insects (bee, wasp, hornet, yellow jacket, etc).
  • Allergy shots for desensitization.

(Severe Life-Threatening Allergic Reactions)

  • Treatment and prevention of life-threatening allergic reactions to all of the above.

Atopic Dermatitis (Eczema)

  • Diagnostic skin testing and examination for evaluation of triggers and diagnosis;  acute treatment of flares, and long term treatment / medical management.

Immune System Disorders / Recurrent Infections, Including Antibody Deficiency

  • Diagnostic skin testing, laboratory evaluation and treatment

Chronic Hives / Urticaria

  • Clinical and laboratory evaluation / diagnosis and management.